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OGE Chapters
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Film Reel


Our Good Earth - DVD Jacket Cover
Go Green 5 Star DVD










Chapter/Segments (with running times and target audience):
1.     2:05  Introduction/Credits  
2.     9:02  What's in The Rock? K thru 5th Grade
3.     4:55  A Fossil Fuel (the story of coal) K thru Adult
4.     8:01  Mining & Reclaiming the Land K thru Adult
5.     9:27  Contributions of the American Miner K thru Adult
6.     9:40  Recycle Today for a Better Tomorrow K thru Adult
7.     3:48  History of Flight! K thru Adult
8.     9:22  Going Green With the New 3 R's K thru Adult
9.     2:55  Mining...Rocks! (A Music Video) K thru Adult
10.   3:43  What can I do? K thru Adult
      62 min.  Total Running Time K thru Adult


A Cadiz/Hicks Production


















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