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Below you will find documents that can be downloaded (for FREE!) and used to facilitate classroom discussion on minerals, mining and recycling.    There are also links to other web sites that have downloadable educational materials.  Check back frequently for updated listings.  If you click the refresh button on your browser, you can ensure you are seeing the latest content.







  •   Our Good Earth - a collection of interesting statistics on minerals and recycling.

                        Our Good Earth (PDF document)     Our Good Earth (Word document)

  •   Baby Picture - Shows the amount of minerals needed by each person annually.

                        Baby - Annual Mineral Use (PDF document)

  •   Per Capita Mineral Use - How many minerals does the average person need each year?  Find out in this document!

                        Per Capita Mineral Use (PDF document)

  •   Fun Recycling Puzzles - Learn about recycling by solving these two puzzles!

                        Fun Recycling Puzzles (PDF document)     Fun Recycling Puzzles (Word document)

  •   Plant Pride -- Not Litter

                        Plant Pride -- Not Litter (PDF Document)    Plant Pride -- Not Litter (Word Document)

  •   We-GO Math board game - A fun way to enhance your math skills! (Free download for a limited time only!)

                        We-GO Math game board (PDF document)     We-GO Math playing instructions (PDF document)

  •   Go Green Cards - a template for printing your own "Go Green" student cards.  These can be used as awards for students who have learned about minerals, mining and the New 3 R's (Reuse, Renew and Recycle).

                       Go Green Cards (PDF document)     Go Green Cards (Word document)






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     Links to other great resources on minerals, mining and recycling:

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